Brand New Direction.

Dracy brings a high level of sales & leadership experience, and expertise in new business and brand development.

This allows her to learn very quickly what is needed for a company, business builder or a leader to grow. She has helped in field development, events, presentation creation, and so much more.

She is very passionate about these 3 words: Brand New Direction.

Brand – All aspects of Personal Branding

New – Creating new Business Growth

Direction – Crafting and Executing a Vision for a Team that wants to follow

Her motto is about not just showing up, but stepping up and standing out by finding alignments between your head & heart so you can labour in a way that achieves success in all areas of your life. Dracy brings a level of essence into Personal Branding. Working as a branding broker for a year has allowed her to help you hone into your message and the way you want to market yourself or your company to the world. Read her blog HERE.